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About Us

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 Our Program

Wild and Wonderful is a preschool devoted to providing high quality care for children ages six weeks to five years in Portland, Oregon. We see each child as undeniably special individuals and future world-changers. Our educators are highly trained to foster curiosity and creativity within young minds. It's our job to create a "Wild and Wonderful" environment for your little-ones everyday.


Our beautiful, nature-inspired classrooms are designed to provoke interest, encourage exploration, and motivate student's to uniquely be themselves. Our classrooms are child-focused and play-based: everything visible to children is available for their use, and the materials are continually adapted to suit their developmental needs and interests.

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At Wild and Wonderful, we find value in guest speakers, visitors, and extracurriculars. We offer yoga, foreign language, music, and special occasion visitors, such as authors, musicians, chefs, farmers, animals, etc. 

We want children to learn about the world around us by using hands on experience. There's nothing greater than children meeting the author or their favorite books, or walking into school and seeing their favorite farm animals in their classroom! 

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